Our Mission since 1986 has been the creation and implementation of nutritious and great tasting products in the healthcare industry.



Vitamin D3

D3-‘Vitamin D receptors are present on the bladder wall. With the additional Vitamin D3, this will cause muscle relaxation and strengthen pelvic floor muscles to help decrease overactive bladder.

Prebiotic Inulin

Inulin-‘Prebiotic Inulin is a natural fiber that helps to decrease constipation thereby lessening pressure in the large intestine.

Pumpkin Seed Extract

Helps to relax muscles on the bladder wall and increases the capacity to hold urine.

L-Citrulline & L-Arginine

Increases Nitric Oxide which relaxes bladder muscles and increases capacity to hold urine.

  • Fiber Supplements

    Toasted Wheat Germ


    Our Toasted Wheat Germ has many essential vitamins and minerals plus contains 2 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein! An easy way to maintain a healthy heart and weight. Mix into many food and beverage items such as smoothies, a yogurt topping, muffins, and salads. Our Toasted Wheat Germ is all natural and contains zero fillers and binders. In addition, it is lactose and soy free and Kosher | Parve.

    Please note, this item is not gluten free. 

  • LPS Sugar Free

    LPS Sugar Free® Liquid Protein Supplement


    Need to add protein into your diet? LPS® liquid protein supplement provides 15 grams of protein in every dose – take 2 tablespoons a day. LPS is made with hydrolyzed collagen and whey protein which absorbs very quickly into the body, providing you with 100% of the essential and non-essential amino acids. Safe for diabetics with 0 grams of sugar and low in phosphorus and potassium. LPS comes in 7 different flavors – Cherry, Grape, Honey Vanilla, Neutral, Orange, Peach-Mango and Watermelon. Gluten, lactose and soy free. Non-GMO.

  • LPS Critical Care

    LPS Critical Care® Liquid Protein Supplement


    LPS® Critical Care liquid protein supplement provides 17 grams of protein in every dose – take 2 tablespoons a day. LPS Critical Care is made with hydrolyzed collagen and whey protein with the addition of L-Arginine, Vitamin C, and Zinc. Perfect for those who need extra protein or have advanced wounds and increased healing needs. LPS® Critical Care is safe for diabetics with 0 grams of sugar and low in phosphorus and potassium. Comes in 3 different flavors –Cherry, Honey Vanilla and Peach-Mango. Gluten, lactose and soy free. Non-GMO.

  • Fiber Supplements

    Fiber Supreme™ Powder Supplement


    Looking for a natural way to manage normal blood sugars and cholesterol levels? Start by taking our Fiber Supreme Powder® every day which can help to slowly release sugars in your body without any spikes. Fiber Supreme is made with a natural blend of corn, oats and soy along with prebiotic inulin (fiber) and maltodextrin. One tablespoon contains 7 grams of fiber. Fiber Supreme has no added sugars, salt, flavors or colors and is Non-GMO, psyllium, gluten, and wheat free.


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