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May 2019
Newsletter “Offering the Best Tips and Advice on ways
to Help Bladder and Bowel Regularity”
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Let’s Be Leak Free, Together
Understanding Urinary Incontinence & how best to tackle it
Let’s get straight to the point! Urinary incontinence
(overactive bladder) is not a normal part of aging. This
can be treated with non-invasive therapies such as
simple pelvic exercises, changing your eating habits,
and taking natural dietary supplements. It’s really as
simple as that! There are three different types of urinary
incontinence: stress, urge and overflow. But before we
get into that, lets discuss how the bladder works.
The bladder system includes two kidneys, two ureters,
a bladder and a urethra
. The kidneys take away the
waste and water of the blood to make urine. The urine
travels to the ureters into the bladder. The urine then
empties through the urethra.

Think of the bladder like a balloon with muscular walls. Did you know that your bladder should be able to hold the same
amount of liquid as in a can of soda? About 12-16
ounces. When expanded, it signals the body to release.
Most people go to the bathroom every 3-4 hours while
they are up and at night, maybe once. Do you find yourself
going more than 8 times during the day
? Or have
a strong need to go and fear you won’t make it? Constantly
getting up at night to use the bathroom? Do you
find when you sneeze or exercise that you leak a little
bit? Are you wearing pads, liners, and / or diapers every
day because of urine leakage
? Then perhaps you are
suffering from stress, urge, or overflow incontinence.
Stress incontinence can occur when the pelvic floor
muscles are weak and puts pressure against the bladder
and urethra – commonly found more in younger,
middle aged woman.

Urge incontinence is when you
feel a strong urge to use the bathroom and fear you
may not make it. Overflow
incontinence is when your
bladder is always full but, you wind up releasing a small amount of urine. This happens to be found in men if the prostate is enlarged.

“33 million Americans experience
OAB & more than $400 million is spent
each year on adult diapers.”

Relief is within reach with Rejoice and Rejoice Plus ND LABS Product Solutions

Here are some tips on how to treat urinary incontinence:

  1. Kegel Exercises: strengthen pelvic floor muscles.
  2. Train your bladder: set bathroom times
  3. Lose some weight / Change Eating Habits
  4. Quit smoking / Drink Less Alcohol
  5. Treat constipation: yes, constipation can also cause urinary incontinence. Think of your larger intestine resing
    on top of your bladder. If you have constipation, stool blockage can add weight and put pressure on top of your
    bladder, signaling your body that you have to use the bathroom. Take fiber supplements to help keep your GI tract
    healthy and active.
  6. Use natural dietary supplements – Rejoice and Rejoice Plus, the first and only oral dietary supplement for men
    and woman clinically proven to work by directly relaxing the bladder and strengthening the pelvic floor and sphincter
    muscles *Patent Pending.

Dealing with overactive bladder can make people feel frustrated, insecure and depressed. We want you to stop worrying. By making some small changes into your life, you can go back to doing the things you
love. Spending more time with family and friends, traveling! You can even save some money on buying less pads, liners, and/or diapers. More than $400 million dollars is spent each year on diapers alone! We all know someone or are experiencing overactive bladder ourselves. Let’s be leak free, together. By sharing this information with others, we can all get back to enjoying life. The more knowledge we share, the less we feel ashamed or embarrassed. We all go through it at some point, so why keep hiding it.

*To see best results, give a minimum of 6-8 weeks. Give your body some time to adjust to these new changes. You’re retraining your body and mind. There is no such as thing as over-night results.

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