Three health risks that you stop wearing your body shaper.

Three health risks that you stop wearing your body shaper.

Are you one of the thousands of women who wear body shapers? Body shapers or shapewear can truly help build confidence and smooth out any lines and wrinkles. I personally love them for formal events. But what about for everyday wear? Do you put one on every single day? Do you wear a waist trainer during workouts? If so, you may have suffered from a few side effects & not even know it.

Compressing your Organs

Most women know that body shapers or shapewear are very tight and difficult to put on. As you find yourself slipping it on, you may feel tightness in your chest & some abdominal discomfort. Shapewear does compress your organs which can also lead to bloating, gas, acid reflux, and heartburn. When working out, you need to breathe properly & have a full range of motion. Wearing a waist trainer can limit you so be careful and do appropriate exercises.

woman with abdominal discomfort.
Woman with abdominal discomfort.

Bladder Leaks & UTI’s Are Common

According to Oprah’s article in “What I don’t know for sure”, she specifically calls out Spanx for not having a larger opening in the crotch area for peeing. Most women who wear shapewear will try to avoid the bathroom as long as possible before having to go. However, since shapewear is putting pressure on your digestive tract & bladder, it can also cause you to have sudden bladder loss and/or gives you a strong urge/sensation feeling to use the bathroom. Perhaps Spanx can make it easier for women to use the bathroom without fear & discomfort.

Not only can shapewear cause bladder loss, but it can also cause urinary tract infections. According to the Mayo Clinic, UTI or urinary tract infections occurs when bacteria enter the urinary tract through the urethra and begin to multiply in the bladder. However, if urine sits too long in the bladder, it can also cause a UTI from bacteria build-up. In addition, holding in your urine for long periods of time can weaken your bladder muscle.

Skin Irritations

Does shapewear make you sweat? It certainly can but what happens to all that sweat and moisture that comes off your body? It has nowhere to go and can cause skin irritation & breakouts. Most shapewear fabric is not made from cotton which can help your skin to breathe better. Body shapers, waist trainers, and so on are made from two synthetic fabrics nylon and spandex. These particular fabrics do not let the body breathe. Look for products that are made from cotton & microfiber that are easier & better on the body.   

Note From ND Labs

We want everyone to always look and feel their best! However, you may struggle with bladder leaks without compression garments. You may have recurring UTI’s & not sure why you have them so often. At ND Labs, we can help. Contact us at info@ndlab.com for further information. Or shop now for preventative supplements at https://www.ndlabs.com/shop/

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