What are the Health Benefits of Soy?

What are the Health Benefits of Soy?

When you think of soy, what comes to mind? Veganism, vegetarianism, tofu? Have you ever thought of soy health benefits no manner your diet? Today we are going to explore that.

Soya Bean, Harvest, Soy Beans, Crop, Landscape
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Soy Health Benefits include:

Did you know we manufacture soy-based proteins called Textured Vegetable Proteins (TVP)?

TVP is similar to tofu, therefore it will absorb all the spices & flavors you are cooking with. Once cooked and hydrated, TVP increases up to 3x in size, which can bring ingredient costs down. For example, if a recipe calls for 1lb of meat, you may use about 1/3-lb of TVP. Its 2-year dry storage shelf life makes it last longer than its meat counterparts. One ounce of TVP is equivalent to an ounce of its meat counterpart.

Check out our TVP: Textured Vegetable Proteins.

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