About ND Labs

Mike Allen R.Ph has been a pharmacist for over 30 years. He started ND Labs, In in 1986 with a team of Nutritionists & Dietitians to help reduce side effects from harsh Rx medications.

About ND Labs, Inc.

ND Labs, Inc. | Nutritional Designs Inc was formed in 1986 by our pharmacist, Mike Allen R.Ph. Mike Allen has worked for many years as a consultant in long term care facilities. His background also includes managing different classes of medications for multiple pharmaceutical companies. While working in nursing homes, Mike saw a need for alternative remedies that could help men & women reduce their intake of medications and laxatives. Using his pharmacy background along with a team of nutritionists, he created a bowel management program known as the MBA® Program. Mike & his team have continued to develop new and unique formulations to help everyone, young and old alike.

And here we are, over 30 years later, still providing healthier solutions to all those in need. Our products and medical programs help improve the quality of life from the average health-conscious person to kids to the elderly.

Choosing the right supplement can be difficult! Click below to Find the Right Product Page to see which product may work best for you. If you are a health care provider and wish to hear more about our programs or free samples, please send us an email at info@ndlabs.com.

All-Natural, Active Ingredients

All of our supplements are made with all-natural, active ingredients.

Sugar Free Formulations

Many of our supplements are sugar free & safe for diabetics & renal patients to take.

Doctor Approved

Our supplements are used throughout many faciilties on Long Island to help achieve your wellness goals.

Free Samples

Ask us today on how to get free samples of our products today!