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  • Fiber Supplements

    Supreme Flax 50/50 – 4lb Pail


    Supreme Flax 50/50 is a great supplement to add to your diet! One tablespoon can provide 5 grams of fiber from whole grains, fruits, & vegetables. A perfect blend of beta glucans, Omega 3 Fatty Acids & prebiotic FOS*. Take before meals to help maintain a healthy weight, control blood sugar levels & cholesterol levels. Add to beverages, baked goods, cereals,  yogurt, applesauce or smoothies!

    • No added sugars, salt, artificial colors or flavors
    • Psyllium, wheat & lactose free
  • Fiber Supplements

    Fiber Supreme™ Powder Supplement – 4lb Pail


    Looking for a natural way to manage normal blood sugars and cholesterol levels? Start by taking our Fiber Supreme Powder every day which can help to slowly release sugars in your body without any spikes. Fiber Supreme is made with a natural blend of corn, oats and soy along with prebiotic inulin (fiber) and maltodextrin. One tablespoon contains 7 grams of fiber. Fiber Supreme has no added sugars, salt, flavors or colors and is Non-GMO, psyllium, gluten, and wheat free.