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    Rejoice® for Bladder Control


    Rejoice®  is the first liquid supplement for both men and women that can help prevent occasional bladder leakage. Bladder leakage is more common than people think, affecting over 50 million Americans today. Bladder leakage can occur if you have a weakened pelvic floor, menopause, enlarged prostate and even from constipation to name a few.  Rejoice® has 5 clinically proven ingredients that help relax the bladder and strengthens the pelvic floor and sphincter muscles and offers 24 hour protection, day and night.*  Scroll down below to see how our ingredients work.

    With Rejoice®, you get:

    • 24 Hour Maximum Bladder Control*
    • Can help to reduce urinary urgency*
    • Promotes healthy urinary control*
    • 5 clinically proven natural, active ingredients: Pumpkin Seed Extract, L-Citrulline, L-Arginine, Prebiotic Inulin, and Vitamin D3
    • Supports restful sleep and more productive days*
    • 28 servings per bottle
    • Gluten and Lactose Free

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